We know business. Together, we'll tackle those things that keep you up at night.

We apply the right amount of highly skilled resources at the appropriate stage in your business’ life cycle to eliminate hurdles to your business growth.

Unlike traditional consulting firms, we don’t send you a group of unskilled or neophyte associates in order to increase our billing (at your expense). We personally show up, work hard (and smart) to identify the right solution efficiently. Then we resolve it and move on to your next problem.

Successful projects are about engaging and directing people. With the right project management leadership skill to lead others in getting the work done, we’re able to help you tackle today’s problem… today.


Excellence Requires Preparation

In an organization, everyone has a singular purpose and they all must work together. Putting standard practices and processes in place ensures your success and security.

Single Purpose

Are you reliably and efficiently delivering your purpose? If not, let’s find out why.

Think Lean

To get where you are going, everything must be done with intelligence, elegance and a relentless focus on efficiency and thrilling your customers. Let’s think better, leaner and faster.

Laser Focus

What do you want? What is your single purpose? Let’s narrow the focus, and execute expertly.

Locate Inefficiencies

Uncover what’s harming your business (inefficiency, culture/attitudes, shadow belief systems, poor management) and eliminate or re-factor it.

Run Smooth

There is great freedom and raw, relentless efficiency in processes. Let’s find out what you could achieve if your limitations were gone.

Meet the “Go-to guy for businesses who are ready to get leaner, better, faster and turn the corner towards growth.”

David Lilly is an organizational strategy, leadership, finance and operations specialist who focuses on aligning corporate strategy and operations. For nearly 20 years, David supported a variety of corporate clients such as Prudential, Cox Enterprises, and BellSouth in business development, operations, new product design and deployment. In the ensuing 10 years as a private contractor, David has participated in large-scale corporate and utility mergers and acquisitions, staffing analysis and the implementation of management models in nuclear generation and utility companies. He has helped a large number of SMEs plan, grow, execute and exit. David holds a BA in Business from Auburn University and an MBA from Emory University.

When you really want it, when you are ready for a more profitable, more efficient company, and you are ready to do whatever it takes… so are we.